New year, new challenges

As is probably obvious by now, I track years by school years as well as calendar years. Gives me twice as many new years! Of course, I’m rarely ready to start new projects when the new year rolls around, but I do have a burst of energy and attempted organization, so with luck, this’ll mean that I actually get Treachery finished this month. Helping in this are two apps, both of which I’ve mentioned before: Freedom (to keep me off the Internet) and Scrivener for iOS (so I can write even away from the computer).

bee on sedum flowers

I’m also very excited about finally getting some fall weather. It’s cool this week, which also gives me more energy. At least, as long as I remember to take my allergy medicine, as ragweed, goldenrod, sedum, and a bunch of other plants are out there spreading pollen that wants to kill me. Or at least make me severely miserable.

A newer challenge, or at least a challenge in new clothing, is my daughter’s sports inclinations. She’s doing both soccer and tennis this semester, which keeps me busy. (But also gives me the chance to use that Scrivener app!) She’s done soccer before, but this is the first time for tennis. I told her no racquet until after this round; let’s wait and see if she’s going to keep it up before spending the money.

What’s new and exciting in your life right now?

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  1. Well, not new and exciting, but I’m feeling like I can finally breathe all this quiet and warm Autumn air, rather than what the harshness of this Summer provided.

  2. Smart on the testing focus first :). Here’s hoping your burst of energy holds steady long enough for Treachery to complete.

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