New books!

Yes, because if you read my recent TBR post, you know that what I really needed was more books on hand. To be fair, some of them are work related (Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged) and others were for my kids. Have to love my son’s reaction on Friday when I told him to get ready to go — he comes upstairs and asks where we’re going. When I told him we were headed to the bookstore, his shoes were on in less than a second: “Okay, let’s go!”

And the best cool thing about these new books? Suddenly, I have most of the plot for the next book I’m going to write — not stolen, more “Oh, but wouldn’t it be cool if . . . ?”

What are you grateful for today?

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  1. Kathleen Hammond

    People who Love to go to the bookstore, especially children. And, finding just the right book(s) each time is a big treat. I love books. I didn’t have very many as a child of my own. We go to the library, but not often enough for my taste.

    I, too, have a TBR pile which I keep adding to. I do not want to run out! Although, I do re-read what I have, even when I know what will happen. It’s like watching a movie you’ve seen before and finding something new to marvel over that you didn’t ‘see’ before. But, it’s also a new appreciation of the written word. Books! Bless the printed word.

    • Finding the right books is awesome!

      It’s funny — I rewatch movies all the time, but I don’t have nearly as much patience for rereading books as I used to. I think it’s related to seeing how many I’m never going to have the time to read.

      Glad you’re enjoying your TBR pile, as well as rereads!

  2. Kathleen Hammond

    I suppose I should have said ‘I didn’t have very many of my own as a child’. You get the picture, I think….

  3. More books! More books! A great rallying cry to be sure.

  4. Kathleen Hammond

    My motto is: Why buy them if you are going to read them again and again? Of course, there are those that just don’t read the way you thought they would. Some, however, you read so many times that you have memorized them. I can think of several I read to grandchildren that I didn’t even need the book when they asked to hear them again. That was then. I doubt if I could do it now. Sigh.

    • Well, some I buy because my local library doesn’t. Some because I’m supporting a friend, even if I know I likely won’t read the book more than once. Some I think are going to be awesome and I quickly lose enthusiasm for . . .

      And I’d be willing to bet that you can still do “This is George. He lived in Africa . . . “

  5. Kathleen Hammond

    That’s supposed to be ..if you are not going to read them….

  6. He lives in Africa. But, he was very curious. Or, was that ‘too curious’?. Told you I just don’t read the fun children’s books any more. It was: he was too curious. Rather like my children and grands. Bless their curious selves. How else would they learn?
    No matter. George was curious!

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