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I posted about the one drabble that went live on January 31, but I forgot to mention that I actually sold 7 drabbles to SpeckLit to appear during the first quarter of this year. The second one, “Future Sight,” went up on Wednesday.

Future drabbles will go up on February 14, February 22, March 4, March 8, and March 14.

In other news, I think we’ve hit the part of the year where I don’t see the grass for more than a month. Fortunately, the roads are mostly clear, although there are places where the ice has built up and seems like it will never melt. (Also, some corners get to be a bit hazardous, as the snowplows pile up the white stuff and you can’t see whether a car’s coming.)

Thus, we’re trying to keep the bird feeders stocked for our feathered friends. They seem to appreciate it, even the ones who are camera shy. I’ve been trying to get a picture of this red-bellied woodpecker for a while now, but every time I moved toward the window, he would fly away. Today, I resorted to crawling below the window ledge until I got into a position where I could take his picture.
red-bellied woodpecker

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  1. Nice picture! And congrats on the sales πŸ˜€

  2. He’s gorgeous. Worth the effort. Congrats on the sales too. Seems odd that the public transit department which is also responsible for safety would not realize the hazard and come up with a better solution. Though when I lived in D.C. I remember one time when the plow buried our car so deep we weren’t sure it was still in there :).

    • There’s literally nowhere to put it. And we don’t get hit nearly as bad as a lot of places. I think if I were in charge in Boston, I’d be telling them to dump it in the Charles!

  3. Love the photo. When I lived in NY I kept a bird feeder outside of my morning room windows. So many bird and other visitors that it seemed like Disney Land.

  4. A worthwhile effort. Good shot.

    You always have something good to say here. I’ve nominated the blog for a Liebster Award.

    • Thanks!

      I’ll have to look at the questions some, and think — I have a hard time coming up with a single favorite anything. πŸ˜€

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