At our daughter’s Brownies meeting this evening, the girls got to look through a telescope at the moon. After the meeting, so did I. For the record, it’s hard to line up a phone camera correctly with a telescope to get a good picture. The guy who was there with the telescope commented that I’m stubborn. (Yes, even so, it’s not the best picture, as I’m well aware. Still, I’m glad I took it.)

Moon picture taken with phone through a telescope lens.

I’m up late because I’m finishing off one of the projects on my plate, one that should’ve been done two weeks ago. Tomorrow, I’m going to a) sleep, and b) do another one. Friday, it’s volunteering at the school for the girl’s math fun day. Next week, at least one more project off the plate, maybe two, depending on how fast I can write.

Which when I’m working on other deadlines isn’t very. Let’s call it an even 100 for tonight, and that much is only because I couldn’t handle doing nothing.

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  1. Wow, that’s lovely! If you hadn’t said it was hard to line up, I’d think that was a gorgeous vignette corner and some splendid shading. Love it!!

  2. Michelle Scott

    This photo reminds me of a book I like just for the title and the cover!It’s called Magnificent Desolation, The Long Journey Home from the Moon by Buzz Aldrin. It’s spectacular looking at such a sight even when it is desolate. I can appreciate that perspective from some of the planes in my own life I have encountered. In a similar fashion a diamond has many planes that refract strikingly beautiful light.

    • That sounds like an interesting book.

      Barrenness and desolation can be gorgeous. And life is amazing everywhere!

      Thanks for stopping by to comment, Michelle!

  3. That’s a beautiful shot. I wouldn’t’ve thought of taking a pic through the telescope. Nicely done! 😀

    • To be fair, I saw the telescope operator do it with the troop leaders’ phones first, so I knew it was a possibility. 😀

  4. That is a wonderful pic. Congrats on it.

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