Marching off

Hey, that sleep thing really does help! Writing went very well today. I hit what I’d estimated to be the middle of my word count for this novel. Unfortunately, I’m not at the midpoint climax yet, so this book might be running longer than I expected.

Words written today: 2,251
Words written this month: 24,173
Words written 2017: 80,800
Average words/day March: 780
Average words/day 2017: 898
Books completed 2017: 1
Pages read: 0
Books read 2017: 6
Exercise reps: 0

In other news, I baked a soufflé tonight.

And I’m still poking at taxes because I spent the day writing.

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  1. Yay, words! And foods, and naps!

    I’m also very entertained with the visual of the number of words written this year. 8’s and 0’s. Very nice.

    • Thank you! ?

      Initially I stopped at 2,250 words, but then the yearly total wouldn’t have been a round number. And now it’s really round!

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