Make it blue!

I get bored with my hair sometimes. I’ve done all kinds of things with it, from super short (my younger brother informed me I looked like a bulldyke) to long enough to reach my waist, from henna to dye to natural color, from perms to straight to lots of ponytails and braids. It’s hair, it’s not permanent, and there’s no reason not to play.

So I decided to play again this weekend. I wanted blue bangs, which meant bleaching my hair first — and my daughter thought that looked cool and wanted me to do it to her hair. No. (I didn’t tell her to ask me again in 10 years. I’m sure the first time she does it, she won’t even ask.) Then I dyed them.

I went with the aqua because the blue looked too dark at the store, but given that even after half an hour, I’ve still got some strands that are more green than aqua, I’m guessing the other might have worked okay. Also, I managed to stain my scalp more than my hair. 😛

Now my daughter wants color in her hair. Ah, the example I set!

Photo with blue bangs

Blue? Green? Blue-green? Aqua?

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  1. It really brings out your freckles :). I’ve never been brave enough to dye my hair colors. Neat.

    • Thanks.

      It doesn’t take bravery, really. Just the realization that whatever you do isn’t permanent, so in the long run, it doesn’t matter even if it turns out badly.

  2. Kathleen Hammond

    Not ‘Make it Pink’? I am shocked. Shocked, I tell you. You and Blue? It is different.

    • Heh. I know. But if you look at their color kits, the pink is a tad extreme. I wasn’t sure it would go well with the rest of the hair. . . . I might try the purple next time, though, and if they’d had the green, that would’ve been fun! (Yes, of course green would go with auburn/red hair.) I even briefly considered doing a three-color effect, with purple, pink, and blue. Some other time. 😀

  3. Yay to blue! I hope it’s lifted your mood. A good change in hair is what often gets me out of a funk.

  4. My daughter uses the same brand, Erin. Love the color. Makes you look a bit mischievous.

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