L is for luminaria

Every December, Bethlehem has a luminaria night. It’s coordinated by New Bethany Ministries, who sell the sand, votive candles, and paper bags as kits to residents. On the appointed night, people put the bags, weighted down with sand, out on the curb, place candles inside, and light them. We’ve had years where the bags were on top of snow banks and other years when the city hadn’t done leaf collection yet (and I was terrified over what would happen if they caught fire). Sometimes, though, we get a beautiful night, not too cold, and then it’s lovely to walk around the neighborhood and see all the lights.

These pics aren’t from all around the neighborhood, but they’ll give you some idea.
Luminaria lights in the neighborhood
more lights in the neighborhood

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  1. I bet that’s amazing. It looks so pretty. We have a Relay for Life event in my area and they light luminaries like that for cancer survivors and those who have passed.Then they set up the luminaries to spell out HOPE, I believe. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Yes, it really is amazing. The one in your area sounds spectacular, too. It’s always nice to be reminded that hope is a light in the darkness.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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