Just keep writing, just keep writing

Some days, more writing than others. The outline is still broken, but I can see some of the pieces that have to be shifted and others to add. So there’s hope.

And I had a flash of inspiration last night about the novella I want to write, so that’s good.

And there are flowers, some of which survived the snow better than others. My poor, crushed daffodils.

Words written today: 1,766
Words written this month: 16,460
Words written 2017: 73,087
Average words/day 2017: 914
Books completed 2017: 1
Pages read: 0
Books read 2017: 5
Exercise reps: 0

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  1. And they’re back! The flowers emerge from under the snow a bit worn but not beaten, and just as beautiful and bright. <3

    Yay, words! That's a nice little avalanche to toss you in the right direction. <3

    • Love the flowers! I think I need to plant more so next spring will be even more vibrant.

      ? Thank you! ?

      • When does one plant such things for optimal spring vibrance? We had some against our garage when we moved in, but I believe we may have mown them into submission. I’d like to change that.

        • Spring bulbs (such as crocuses*, tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils) are planted in the fall. You can plant as early as September or as late as November (December if it’s really mild and the ground hasn’t frozen hard), but I tend to find October optimal.

          Theoretically, all of them return every year and can even increase and need to be divided, but I’ve found that tulips tend to be more finicky. Some of the squirrels run off with, some just don’t seem to last past a few years. I still have some from the year I did a bunch of planting (8–10 years ago, I think?), but I really need to supplement them with more.

          * Autumn crocuses or saffron crocuses, which bloom in the fall, should be planted in spring or early summer. I really need to get some, mostly because it’s cool to harvest my own saffron. 😉

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