It’s May, it’s May…

April went fast, didn’t it? Actually, the first third of the year vanished fairly quickly. I know I’ve been doing things (taxes always seem to rob me of early April), but the time always manages to surprise me.

Tonight, my daughter’s Brownies troop (Girl Scouts) are doing a Mother’s Day dinner. We were warned to bring appetites and told “all bets on diets are off 🙂 desserts will be served!” Which, of course, is why I’m posting my blog now, rather than doing it during her meeting while I wait for her (my usual m.o.). So, time with my daughter — first thing I’m grateful for today.

Other things on the list?

Perfect hash browns

hash browns

Three-minute hash browns.

To be precise, Josh Ozersky’s three-minute hash browns, courtesy of Food52.

The annual show from our dogwood
dogwood in bloom

Our dog Sam (again)

sleeping English cocker spaniel

Sam, sleeping on the couch this time

(He’s an old dog, as I reminded my kids a couple of weeks ago, so I want to get pictures while I can.)

What are you grateful for this first week of May?

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  1. Aww, cute puppy :). (They’re all puppies to me.) Yes, I hear you on the rushing year.

  2. Ashe Elton Parker

    What great things to be grateful for! I hope the Mother’s Day Supper went well and that your dogwood stays in bloom a good long while, and that Sam continues to be happy and healthy!

    • Thank you, Ashe!

      Turns out that the Mother’s Day dinner was just desserts, and plenty of them. I had a chocolate-covered pretzel (with toffee bits on it) and a slice of apple pie. The girl had a chocolate-covered pretzel (with rainbow sprinkles), a chocolate chip cookie, a brownie, and a cupcake with lots of frosting.

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