It’s May! It’s May!

The merry month of May! Okay, that’s not the way the song goes.

Anyway, started off the month reasonably productive, where “reasonably” means dealing with lots of family and house stuff, freelance work, and publishing — and getting a handful of words as well. I want more words per day, but I need at least one fewer project on the table before that happens regularly, I think.

Today’s count: 741

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  1. That song, and the rest of the darn musical, has been stuck in my head for an entire month. I have no idea how I’m going to beat this earworm.

    That’s a good number for words, and I’m happy for you that they got written!

    • Thank you!

      The musical stuck in my head this morning is Finian’s Rainbow. Current song: “That Great Come-and-Get-It Day.”

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