It’s fixed!

Last year, I dropped my iPad mini on the concrete floor of a praking garage. Yes, the screen cracked. For the record, you can use a cracked screen just fine for the most part.

However, there came a point when pieces actually started falling out, and I was concerned with getting slivers of glass in my fingers. So last week, I took it in to get fixed.

The first place i went, which is pretty close by and focuses on Apple products (Double Click Computers) couldn’t help me, but they suggested a place in downtown Bethlehem called iMobile.

iMobile quoted me 1-3 days to get it done. Today (3 business later), they called me to say it was done.

It looked so nice, I hesitated to get fingerprints on the pretty screen!

So that’s what I’m grateful for this Monday. What are you grateful for this week?

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  1. Kathleen Hammond

    The rain. It didn’t here today but was forecasted. Probably other spots that needed it. Hope it does rain tonight. Tomorrow is ‘iffy’. I’m getting my weeds out slowly. Out at 6:00 AM this morning. No wind, ground still moist and most of the foxtails came out. Cannot say the same for the sticker weeds. Notice from the office, of course. Thought of calling you at 6 am, but didn’t want to shock you. Awake at 3:45 but it wasn’t light enough to tackle the yard then. Did snow at the lake.

  2. Ashe Elton Parker

    I’m grateful that I have medical and mental health care up at the VA hospital today.

    And for the rain we’ve been getting. We had a very warm winter with little snow, so we need all the rain we can get, and I’m kind of hoping we get another thunderstorm soon. Last night’s was pleasant to listen to.

    • Hooray for healthcare!

      And for rain. I think the West would have fewer issues with the global warming patterns if they led to increased rainfall in the summer, but there’s a reason most of that area’s desert. 🙁

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