Is that spring in the distance?

Not even the far distance at that! Today, the temperature hit 50 degrees (Fahrenheit), and while running errands with the kids this afternoon, all of us were in our shirtsleeves. The boy told me he’s not going to wear his heavy jacket any more this season, and I agreed that that seems reasonable.

Warmth. Escape to the outdoors (for the few brief weeks before pollen starts dropping everywhere, and the only thing worse than the pollen in the air is the humidity in the air). No more snow days for the kids.

That’s what I’m grateful for this Monday. What about you?

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  1. Kathleen Hammond

    Distance? It’s tomorrow. And, supposed to be 73. Then, another very weak cloud front to bring the temps down to the mid-to-low 60s. I have daffodils, white with yellow, in the side yard. Still no croci.

    Still, I’m grateful for warmer weather. Too much illness to go outside much before now.

    • Distance. We’re supposed to get snow. (Also, the boy is quite unhappy that I’m still making him wear a jacket.)

      I do have crocus and daffodil leaves poking up, though, so there’s hope.

      • Kathleen Hammond

        I, too have crocus leaves up but no flowers. No snow. No flowers. It’s been one of those years which happen orphan frequently. What can I say?

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