Into the week

I really need to come up with better post titles. Maybe phrases from my writing, or random quotes? My titles are all pedestrian and too on-the-nose. What do you think?

The only difference between today and any other Sunday was our daughter’s friend was here for the morning, too. Other than that, it was still groceries and laundry and cooking for me, with words tucked in at the end. Tomorrow, I will get words — around baking our son’s birthday cake, as well as a couple other items on the to-do list. But I want to try to get back to the 1,000–2,000 words/day range, and over 2,000 would be better (likely not tomorrow, but perhaps next month). I still have goals to meet, after all.

Today’s words: 123

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  1. I don’t mind your titles, to be honest. Nothing wrong with “on the nose”, although words from your writing might be good for SEO? (SEO is one of those things that logically makes sense to me but doesn’t come naturally so I just gave up.)

    Yay for word counts that roll off the fingertips!:D

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