Inktober 9 — girl on path

This one is based on a picture I took of my daughter years ago at a nearby park. She was holding a ladybug in her hands, and we were waiting for my husband and son who were biking from the other end of this path.

When this picture was just the black outlines, it looked rather foreboding.

Then I added color, to bring it back to the summer day when the picture was captured. Media: printer paper, Uniball Signo pen, a few Sharpie markers, and a few Staedtler Triplus pens.

This took quite a bit of time, which is, of course, why I stick with simpler pics on weekdays.

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  1. Ashe Elton Parker

    Lovely! I agree that it looked foreboding with just the outlines. The final result is fantastic!

  2. The mood contrast is remarkable. I still see a bit of tension in it with her looking over her shoulder like that though :). Oddly, the line drawing seems to have more detail but both are very well done :).

    • To be fair, she was looking back because I called her name so I could get a picture. 😉

      Yeah, a lot of the line work turned into undertones for the color, and the explicit crispness vanished. I’m too lazy to try to do all the individual bushes and leaves — so much easier to render as texture, influenced by the Impressionists!

  3. I like the outlines one. The tension between the elements is visible, and the child is like, ‘What?’ in that way that children have of breaking a single syllable word into many, with multiple inflections before they get to the last one. 😀

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