I had other plans around here somewhere …

I’ve no complaints about how I spent the day. The edits made it a stronger book, I think, and now it’s off to the next round of readers, hopefully for a thumbs-up. Hardest part was the futzing I did with names.

I also started putting together the PDF for the print version. It’s either almost completely ready, or I could spend 50 more hours tweaking every possible parameter. (I’m going to try to avoid that second one.)

I do have two major deadlines coming up, though (one is taxes), so I do need to get those dealt with. And time with friends tomorrow! And a field trip with the girl next week! So lots to do besides this one book (and the next and the next and…).

Probably another 500 words added today.


Two-toned hellebore


Backlit hellebore (actually darker than the other one)

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  1. Lovely flowers! 😀

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