Happy winter!

I’m not the biggest fan of winter (though the past couple have been so mild, it’s hard to really complain), but I love the winter solstice. It’s my daughter’s birthday, and that’s always worth celebrating!

Today, I’m mostly taking a break from the frantic getting ready for Christmas to celebrate her birthday. Making that same Nutella ice cream I did for my birthday. Baked a cake — she wanted a Disney princess, so I found an Ariel cake pan; she wanted chocolate chip cake, so I added a cup of mini chips to a white cake recipe. Still need to get it frosted. Going to pick her up early from preschool today because the city library allows you to get a library card when you’re five years old and able to write your name — she’s been looking forward to this for months.

The primary Christmas-related thing I’m doing today is sorting and wrapping presents. Must figure out what’s birthday, what’s Christmas, did she and her brother get roughly even amounts of Christmas presents, did I spend all the money my mom sent to get presents from her . . .

Sadly, I did not finish crocheting her skirt, and there’s no way it’ll be finished by Christmas, either. I suppose after Christmas day, at least I’ll be able to work on her skirt and their sweaters without worrying about whether they’re going to catch me!

I may not be on next week much, if at all. Holidays. Kids home from school. In-laws visiting. Have a merry Christmas, if you celebrate, or a happy Kwanzaa if you celebrate that!

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  1. Merry Christmas a few days early! I need to sort and wrap as well. I love Christmas, I love gifts, but I really wish they would wrap themselves. Or that I didn’t have to sit on the floor to wrap them myself.

    • Merry Christmas! I actually love wrapping presents — and one of these years, I’ll get it done before Christmas Eve . . .

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    How refreshing to have a 5 yr old who can’t wait to get a library card. 🙂
    I’m spending all next week writing…and writing…and writing. Maybe I’ll write too.

    • Merry Christmas to you and your family as well!

      Yes, books and reading are a big deal in this family. 😀

      Enjoy your writing! I’ll probably not be getting any done until the new year.

  3. Happy Holidays! I love winter, and we just had a gorgeous snowfall. I made two snow people. Cheers!

    • Hooray for snow people! (Sorry for the delay . . . I missed that Akismet thought your comment was spam. *sigh*)

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