Happy birthday to me again

So last year on my birthday, I said I wanted to lose a pound a week. Didn’t happen. In fact,I’m pretty much at exactly the same weight I was last year at this time. I’m grateful I haven’t gained weight, at least. Guess we’ll have to see what this next year brings.

(Not today, though — my younger brother baked me a birthday cake, and I intend to enjoy it!)

Meanwhile, I’ve had a full year with ups and downs, as most years are. I’m a year older, a year more uncertain of my skills, a year more aware of how much I don’t know and never will. May I have many more such years.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Erin!

    Have a lovely day and a wonderful year!

  2. Happy Birth Day to you,
    Happy Birth Day to you,
    Happy Birth Day, Dear Erin,
    Happy Birth Day to you,

    Hope you scored lots of loot!

  3. Chiming in late, but happy birthday :). And if you’re exactly the same weight, is it the same weight? I know that when I weighed my current weight 8 years ago, I had a lot to lose. Now I have almost none because I’ve replaced the worthless with muscle which is heavier. Oh, but I regret the worthless in the winter though. Padding has its value :).

    • Yes, I’m reasonably confident that in the last 12 months, I haven’t put on any muscle. If anything, I should worry that I’ve lost some. (In which case, the padding’s good. 😛 )

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