Hand-me-down handicrafts

I thought about doing a post last week on Thanksgiving about all the things I’m thankful for, but didn’t for two reasons — I was cooking (and letting others use the computer), and I talk every week about what I’m grateful for.

This week, I’m grateful for crocheting, for Mom who taught me how (and who taught me to try new things), for my husband and son (both of whom I’ve taught to crochet — my husband even had one of his classes crochet hyperbolic planes as an assignment), for my daughter (whom I will probably eventually teach to crochet as well), and for lovely colors to play with as I work.

In progress view of skirt from crochet thread.

Crochet skirt for my daughter’s birthday, still in progress.

What are you grateful for today?

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  1. I’m grateful for November being almost over because it means I can finally get some rest. For managing for the first time to get Christmas lights on our back porch because it makes the kids soooo happy to have the house decorated, even a little bit. And for having a husband who understands that I am going to be giving 75% of my energy to writing in November, and taking on that 75% of the parental responsibility while I play with my words.

  2. I’m grateful for the fact that I can get to your blog through your website – cos the email link still isn’t working even after I ‘unfollowed’ then ‘refollowed’!

    … c’est la vie

    Beautiful piece of crochet. I can never get the curves right. Back and forth works fine though!

    • Hmm. I was testing that myself today and discovered that if I click on the headline, it’s really messed up, but if I click on “Continue reading,” it does work. I will continue poking around to see if I can get both links to work.

      Thank you! Fortunately, since it’s a skirt, the curves don’t have to be precise — extra ruffles look intentional!

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