H is for happiness

Emerald Lake, British Columbia, 2009

Happiness is time with my family, not stressing, enjoying the world around us. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. Beautiful family! My H was happiness too!

    Where were you that the water was that vibrantly colored?

    • It’s a lake up in the Canadian Rockies — a lot of the rivers and lakes up there are very strikingly colored because of the minerals that comes off the glaciers. Lakes that are green, rivers that are white. Very beautiful.

  2. I love T-Bug’s hair! What great curls!

    • 😀 They’ve relaxed as he’s gotten older — now his hair is closer to his dad’s waviness (not that you can see that in this picture!). When his hair is short and it’s humid out, the curls are at their best.

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