Grateful for the end of break

Winter break, that is.

I love having my family home and spending time with them, and last week, I was even getting some paying work done. However, some is the operative word, and I have two deadlines to meet, indexing and proofreading.

It’s nice having silence during the day (no Curious George, Friends, Monster High, Minecraft . . . ), and I still have time with my family. Currently, I’m playing a board game with my son (he’s looking something up in the rules while I’m typing this).

Grateful for time with family, grateful for time to myself.

What are you grateful for this first Monday of 2015?

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  1. There’s 25 more days until my Art classes start this semester!

  2. Grateful I can spend time with my mom who has moved in with us. Went to a neighborhood luncheon today. Lots of fun.

  3. I’m grateful 2014 ended with the chance to see almost all of my extended family, especially my son and his fiancee :).

    As to 2015, I have grand hopes and dreams, and grateful for the ability to believe some might come to fruition.

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