Good intentions

I didn’t get my nap today. (Yes, I know it’s after midnight, but in my head it’s still Wednesday night.) Busy day, and by the time I could try to catch a nap, my brain wouldn’t settle down enough to take one.

So then I was going to go to bed “early” — a bit after our son goes to bed, say, 10:30. But then I realized I’d written NO WORDS yet, and that had to be corrected. Which I did, barely.

But I was slow because being tired causes that, so I didn’t get done. And most of the things I did before that didn’t take a lot of thought — spatchcocking and roasting a chicken, taking our daughter to Brownies, reading the last four chapters of The Menagerie with our daughter (oh, I should add that to my total!).

The most creative thing I did today was to start a new notebook. I keep seeing people using Bullet Journals and talking about them, and my response is always the same — that wouldn’t work for me because I’d never keep it up. They say it’s a feature that it takes time to copy tasks over from day to day because you get the chance to decide if it’s really that important to you; I say if I don’t have time to get to a task, making me lose even more time to write it down over and over is counterproductive. However …

I like notebooks. I like the pretty layouts. I like to-do lists, and I love the idea of gathering everything together. So my new notebook isn’t a Bullet Journal or GTD or any specific planner I’ve run across, although it draws ideas from them. (And I did a table of contents in my lab notebooks, so that’s as much an influence as Bullet Journal’s “index.”) It’s a project journal, where every project starts on a new page, and all the things I can think of — next actions, decisions to make, references, notes, etc. — related to that project go on that page, with little checkboxes so I can track my progress. It doesn’t help with deciding which thing to work on at any given time, but it should help me figure out where I am with each.

Also, I have a lot of projects. Just getting them into the notebook may take a while.

Words written today: 105
Words written this month: 21,285
Words written 2017: 77,912
Average words/day 2017: 885
Books completed 2017: 1
Pages read: 4 chapters
Books read 2017: 6
Exercise reps: 0

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  1. Yay for notebooks, however you use them! 😀


    • Thanks. I actually asked our son for one of his notebooks because I got him composition notebooks with graph paper (rather than lined), and that’s what I wanted to use. 🙂 Not any of my other couple dozen notebooks lying around waiting to be used …

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