Gone to the dogs

That was the first half of the day — the children’s section of the local library does a monthly session of reading to dogs as part of the summer program. I think it’s geared toward younger children, encouraging them to read aloud and improve fluency with an audience that won’t criticize them. However, our daughter loves dogs, so she eagerly signed up to read today.

She read the opening of Ursula Vernon’s Giant Trouble to a lovely black poodle. The poodle’s companion said that her reading was excellent — and also a mile a minute. No surprise there.

I meant to work on the outline for the next book today, but instead, I worked on creating a print version of the novella. I don’t have plans to put it into any sales channels, but I can see a few uses for having copies myself.

No new words today, alas!

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  1. Yes, but what did the poodle think? 😀

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