Garden pics

Here are the pictures I promised yesterday.

First, the blueberry plants on our deck. They look to be establishing themselves well. We won’t get any berries this year, of course, but next year should be delightful.
blueberry bushes in pots

The straw bales with the seedlings (before the tomato plants were added):
corn and other seedlings in straw

seedlings plus empty straw bale

Now with tomato plants in place of that empty bale above.
straw bales from above

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  1. Wow, Erin, that’s really going to be something! Where do you get all your energy, because I know that is a lot of work? Anyway, good for you! I miss talking on Yahoo messenger.
    Be good,

    • Actually, one of the advantages of the straw bales is that they’re not that much work — put in the seedlings, water. Use the fence to keep the dog from eating the vegetables. 😉

      Miss talking to you, too.

  2. I would not have guessed the dawg was a veggie munching culprit … deer and raccoons maybe, but not the dawg! 🙂

    • The dawg will eat anything that looks remotely like food and many things that don’t! But dogs are naturally omnivorous.

      (And the blueberries are on the deck because of deer and bunnies, neither of whom have shown any propensity for climbing stairs.)

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