Ever notice how even if the days fly by, the weeks feel long? So much to get done, so much going on.

Of current note:

  • I’ve decided to focus on short stories for the summer and release Corn Maze this fall.
  • Writing can be like cooking some recipes — not necessarily hard or complicated, but time consuming, with lots of steps along the way. (I’ve been doing step-wise prep work to have spring rolls with dinner tomorrow.)
  • Summer vacation for the kids is almost half over already. Maybe next week, I’ll take them to the pool. The girl’s been asking since before school let out.
  • I’ve gotten my son hooked on epic fantasies by Kate Elliott (whose Cold Magic and Spirit Gate I talked about during a couple of my A to Z series).
  • I’ve finally admitted that I do have asthma; it’s not just an occasional ovqd some of those complications.

What’s new in your life?

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