Friday focus

I meant to do more today — freelance stuff, volunteer work, a walk to hatch some Pokémon. Instead, I wrote, I talked with a friend about freelancing, and I mostly managed a load of laundry. (Mostly? I put it in the washer in the morning, forgot about it until after dinner when I put it into the dryer, and just remembered it again now, which means I’ll dewrinkle and fold in the morning.)

But it’s all good because it was a good writing day.

Words written today: 2,300
Words written this month: 3,379
Words written 2017: 60,006
Average words/day 2017: 968
Books completed 2017: 1
Pages read: Lots and lots … reread passages from the Julia Quinn book
Books read 2017: 4
Exercise reps: 0

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  1. I’ve done that often enough with laundry. Yay for words and helping a friend.

  2. Great job with the words! 😀 And the laundry. Mostly or not, it’s still progress toward clothing people can wear.

    • Thanks! This morning, I said now everybody should be set until next weekend, and I can go back to Sundays!

  3. My laundry tends to be like that too! 😀

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