Flash: Going to get you

Going to Get You

Thursday was out to get me. Sure, it was probably my fault — one too many cracks of “Just the Telex, ma’am,” or maybe it was the bit about Jasper Fforde’s latest book. Whichever. Jim Thursday had clearly had enough.

It started off as little things — salt in the sugar bowl that only I used (everyone else in the office was on a diet), pens loaded with invisible link left on my desk, exploding powder mixed with the copier toner. I couldn’t even complain to others in the office. Not after having used similar tricks myself for so many years.

“Do you know what your trouble is?” he asked me. “No sense of humor.”

I forced myself to smile, kept quiet, and waited for the perfect opportunity to get him. If it wouldn’t have aroused suspicion, I would have stopped needling him completely.

He escalated things. Whoopie chair sewn into my chair in the conference room right before my annual review. Mints on my desk switched out for some that stained the teeth blue. We won’t go into the peek-a-boo panty incident.

I tried to bring it up at the performance review, but Ms. Calendar thought it was just sour grapes because he was being promoted. I wouldn’t care if he got promoted — not if he went somewhere else, some other department, some place where we didn’t have to work together. But no such luck. I’m to report to him now; he’ll be my direct supervisor.

It’s time to pull out all the stops. He only thinks he knew practical jokes. I can’t work for him. I just can’t. The day before he takes over my division, everything will go at once, including my pre-programmed resignation e-mail.

I can’t wait to see his reaction when I drop to my knees and pull the ring out.

Yes, Thursday’s been out to get me — and he’s going to succeed. I hope the neighbors have good senses of humor.


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The prompt for this particular bit of flash came from Chuck Wendig’s blog.

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  1. Thursday is such a punk… funny what people (or days) do for love. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Heh. I like the end.

    • Thanks, Nicki! And thanks for pointing out the prompts — I’ve been busy, so I hadn’t stopped by Wendig’s blog recently.

  3. My mind went to a completely different place. I interpreted the ring as the ring on the pin of a hand gernade. And yet I am not a violent person… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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