Even more libraries!

Yes, I know I already said I am grateful for libraries. I have to talk about another reason to be grateful here in Pennsylvania. When you get your library card at your local library, you have the chance to get an “Access Pennsylvania” sticker put on it. This sticker is amazingly powerful — it allows you to walk into any public library in the state and get a library card for that library.

Which means that I don’t have to be restricted to the Bethlehem Public Library, as nice as it is. If I want to, I don’t even have to be restricted to the libraries in the Lehigh Valley. I could drive over to the western edge of the state and check out books!

Today was the first day I took advantage of this. I was in Easton, and I knew that their library has two copies of Peter Orullian’s The Unremembered, whereas the Bethlehem library has none. I am now the proud possessor of an Easton Public Library card (well, actually, I got the keychain tag), which I have already used.

This is so exciting I shall have to restrain myself from just driving to every nearby library to get new library books cards!

Cheating to be grateful again for libraries, even for better access? In that case, I’m grateful for meeting a work deadline, for my cold gradually improving, for the wind outside, for my many friends, and for spring flowers blooming!

What are you grateful for this week?

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  1. That’s not too shabby, and I don’t consider that cheating at all! Access Pennsylvania rocks!

    Me, I’m grateful this week for a mind that works properly most of the time, a dog that rocks my world, knitting skills that can only get better when practiced, ditto with writing, and family and friends who love and care for me more than I deserve.

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