DST springs forth

Yes, I’m a couple days behind posting about Daylight Saving Time. Chalk it up to time lag from the change. Or maybe I just didn’t get to the blog recently. Whichever.

The problem with DST is that it hits just as days are getting longer and I’m getting up in the daylight. Having light coming through the windows significantly helps me to wake up. Yes, I know, there are tons of people out there (No, I’m not saying you weigh a ton. Really. Not a pound over 1,000.) who get up in the dark year-round. I ain’t one of them. (Or to quote one of my favorite movies, “People? I ain’t people!”)

Fortunately, this semester, my husband’s first class isn’t quite as early as they have been in the past, so I’m not having to get up at 6 to make sure our daughter’s ready for him to drop at daycare on his way to work. I don’t have to be up until 7, and it’s light already by then. So I’ve adjusted fairly painlessly this year.

Getting kids to adjust is trickier. To adjust, you have to get up and go to bed at the same time as usual. “Go away. I’m sleeping.” “But it’s still light out.” *sigh*

I’ve said those things myself. I suppose it’s only fair that the words come back to haunt me. This morning wasn’t too bad, though. Maybe by the end of the week, the kids will have adjusted. I can hope.

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  1. Kathleen Hammond

    You are a shining Star!. You can do anything.

    I always hated that it was still light out, too.

    • A shining star in the firmament! 😀

      All winter long, the girl knew if it was dark out, it was time to head to bed. Now I have to teach her if the clock says 7, that’s it.

  2. We haven’t changed over yet. We still have bright mornings until the end of the month. Yay…

  3. Yes! I like having the light after work, but it’s been really hard to get up the past few mornings.

  4. I’d heard the “15 minutes a day” adjustment, moving them toward the new bedtime. Gets you there in 4 or so nights. Of course, my evenings are just a might bit rushed to actually manage that, never mind getting to work on time the next day. 😉 Do what you need, right? 🙂

    • I’ve never heard that before. Since they were adjusted to getting up at the right time within three days by just going by the clock, I don’t think it matters much what method one uses!

      Hugs on the rushed evenings.

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