Doubling up!

In this case, I have doubled from 112 words yesterday to 226 words today, all written while my daughter was doing soccer practice. I must have looked a little odd sitting there in my camp chair, left hand wrapped around both the umbrella handle and the iPad, as I pecked away with my right hand. Very happy with the words.

Also was pleased with daughter, who was not the fastest nor most graceful on her team, but who did happily participate. And when they switched from practice to play, she did her best, first on defense and then as goalie. Next week, though, we’ll definitely bring a hair tie for her.

The rest of the weekend was split between puttery house and family stuff (organizing under the kitchen sink, baking chocolate chip cookies, supervising daughter very laxly as she did laundry) and SFWA stuff (hit a milestone on the OPPM). Oh, and watching my husband play Arkham Knight.

I’ve got a lot on the agenda for work and SFWA and home this coming week, too, but I want to ramp up the writing to at least 500 words per day this week. I won’t lie — I want more. I’d love to be doing ten times that and have the next book drafted in a couple of weeks. But I know I can’t jump from here to there without burning out — and probably dropping other things I’m responsible for getting done as well. So I’m setting the bar at 500 this week, and we’ll see how that goes.

(Oh, yeah — and it’s occurred to me that Inktober is in less than a month! I can’t wait!)

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  1. One of my offspring also did some laundry this week. Not enough of it to give me a day off, but some is better than none.

    Yay for doubling your words from yesterday! I’ll be rooting for you and your 500 word/day goal this week. 🙂

    • It is a long-standing plan. The girl wants a Fire tablet. She has to earn money to buy it, and she gets paid for doing laundry. She had let her earnings slip, but when we cleaned her room this summer, she counted her money and realized that hey, if she was diligent, she could get it with a few months of applied effort. 😀

      And thanks for the yay and rooting for me!

  2. You’re doing great! I hope 500 words a day proves doable.

  3. Now that’s dedication. Reminds me of writing on the Palm at Great America :).

    Good luck to CG on getting her Fire. I’m finally starting to appreciate mine because it does do the read aloud very well.

    • Well, the reason I paid for the Scrivener app on my iPad mini was so I could write in random locations and have it be part of the final file.

      Sadly, she wants it most for games. And I’m going to have to lock it waaaaaaaay down with parental controls.

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