Digging out

As with so much of the Mid-Atlantic region, we got hit by Jonas yesterday. I wasn’t expecting much, actually. I originally saw a forecast that said 3–5″, and then heard that it was turning south, so more like 1–3″. We’ve always got staples on hand to eat, food to eat, warm clothes in case of a power outage…no worries.

Of course, that 1–3″ was about 30″ last night, and still 25–26″ this morning as it started to settle. I went out to shovel the back walk (no, not my brightest idea when I’m still on prednisone for the bronchitis), and now the boy’s working on the front walk. I imagine the driveway is going to take most of the afternoon and more than one person.

And because the post wouldn’t be complete without them, pictures!


The path I cleared.
shoveled walkway

The dome again half-buried.
snow covered yard

The driveway. Yes, it’s going to need some work.
snowed-in driveway

The walnut tree. Poor thing, this is probably the best it’s looked in a year.
snowy walnut tree

And an ice-covered weed, just because it looked pretty.
iced plant

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  1. Yay, snow pictures!

    I’m very grateful we don’t have a driveway to shovel, but we are now short a parking spot – when the alley got plowed, it got plowed in. DH has gotten the cars out, so I’m going to tackle a path to the street in an hour.

    Good luck to you, and I hope your recovering bronchitis doesn’t make things to difficult.

  2. Umm, yeah, that’s a bit of snow.

    • You’ve been hoarding it all winter! 😉

      Actually, all last year,I said I’d be happy to send it West if I could, so this year’s been fine. We’ve yet to see what February will be like, though.

  3. Lovely pictures! I’m glad you’re okay. Look after that bronchitis.

  4. Ashe Elton Parker

    Wow, lots of snow! Be careful and don’t overwork yourself shoveling the driveway–take care of that bronchitis! Lovely pictures though. I especially liked the tree one; I’ve always liked how snow looks in trees.

    • No worries — I did absolutely none of the work clearing the driveway today. My husband, now — he has a sore back. (Boy helped, too, but he still didn’t do as much as my husband.)

      And thanks. Yes, I love taking pictures. Got some lovely ones of icicles today before they all slid off the roof in the backyard.

  5. That driveway gave me palpitations just looking at it. 😀

  6. Good luck. Hubby and I went out when our storm came to shovel the driveway. Both of us were sick, me with bronchitis, him with a cold. We managed half the driveway, coughing like tuberculosis patients the entire time. Enough to get the Jeep out if necessary. We both collapsed inside for the rest of the day and the next.

    Get well. Write well.

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