Day 2, a bit better

Kids were still home today, making it much like a weekend. In fact, I mostly did things I normally do on Sundays to prep for the week ahead, including buying groceries, doing laundry, and cutting red pepper strips that go in our son’s lunch.

I did get more words today, although I’m still not at my target rate. I’ll take it and try to do better tomorrow.

Words written today: 1108
Words written 2017: 1615
Books completed 2017: none
Exercise reps: 1

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  1. I’m giving myself a couple days to warm up to target speed as well. I wish you your best words today as schools reopen!

    • Thank you, Nicki! I will be charging into the day — after I convince the girl to get dressed and eat breakfast and get her to the bus stop.

      Best wishes to you on hitting your target speed as well!

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