Cue portentous voice

In a world . . .

Well, it’s not really a world, is it?

In the space between worlds . . .

That’s redundant, not very descriptive, and probably not related to what you want to say.

*sigh* On a ship traveling from its homeworld . . .

Hmm. Not enough detail, I think. Could you maybe add some specifics?

The spaceship Thetis leads an escadrille out of New Alexandria on spring maneuvers–

Maybe not that specific.

In an electronic communication medium, a disembodied voice gives up and heads out for an early weekend.

Oh, sure, give up. Come on, you were almost there. One more try. . . pretty please?

100 words

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    • Thanks, Connie. I wasn’t sure anyone else was going to find it as amusing as I did. πŸ˜‰

  1. Love it! … I read somewhere that the ‘portentous voice’-over on movie trailers is all about opposites … “In a world where black is white, and up is down, our hero is a coward …” etc. If you read it out loud (in a portentous voice) it sounds very familiar! πŸ˜€

  2. LOL! Editor in your head chatty much?

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