Cool times and self-promo

So it’s award nomination season (specifically: Hugo nominations opened this week, with PINs for members being sent out in batches), which means lots of people are talking about what they’ve done that’s eligible. Now, I only had two short stories that came out last year, so this is easily done. If you’re looking for more short stories to read, check out “Blood and Gold” in The Mammoth Book of Dieselpunk and “Adapt or Die” in Aphrodite Terra. Even if you don’t decide to nominate my work, there are many other stories in both that you’ll likely enjoy.

Okay, that’s the self-promotion out of the way.

Today, the college my husband works at held Winterfest, with various family activities, a movie (Frozen, of course), sledding, and an ice carving demonstration. I got some lovely pics of the carving, so I’m posting them here for your enjoyment.








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  1. Those photos are gorgeous. Nice captures!

    Also, both of your short stories are in my TBR pile. How do I make time slow down so I have more time to read, please? πŸ˜‰

  2. The ice art is wonderful.

    Good luck on the awards. I’m completely clueless about awards. Someone should offer a class about how to do that.

    • Thanks.

      I updated my post a little, to explain that Hugo nominations opened this week. Generally speaking, if you have at least a supporting membership for Worldcon (last year, current year, or next year), you are eligible to nominate works for the Hugo, but you’re only eligible to vote if your membership is for the current year.

      Nebula nominations also close soon; to nominate for the Nebulas, one must be a SFWA member. I don’t, generally, write the kind of fiction that gets Nebula attention, and I’m okay with that.

      I know of a few other awards that I’m not eligible for β€” the Endeavour (Canadian), Campbell Award for Best New Writer, Compton Crook Award (debut novel, awarded by BSFS), the Kitschies (novels only β€” I probably could submit Bodyguard, but I feel it fails on the intelligence scale; I wrote it for fun, not to be clever), and the David Gemmell Memorial Award (epic fantasy, which I wrote none of in 2015). And their are others, too, like the Nihon (Japanese Hugo), that require work in translation. Maybe I’ll do posts on the different ones…

  3. Back! I went to your links, thinking they were going to an awards site to vote for your stories. Wrong. So, now affirming I am totally clueless about awards.

  4. WOW. There is nothing else to add, in my opinion. Thank you for sharing this wonderful art work.

  5. Those snowflakes are awesomesauce! πŸ˜€

  6. Beautiful ice sculptures :). And good luck with your eligible short stories.

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