I cheerfully tell people I’m an introvert. I love working at home, without having to deal with people face to face or be pleasant to dozens of people on a regular basis. (This is also part of why the thought of doing panels fills me with trepidation, but we covered that topic already.)

However . . .

I like talking to people I know and whose company I enjoy. I like staying in touch with friends — from however long ago — and family. I like interacting with people who have similar interests.

Which means I adore the Internet and am regularly grateful for broadband access. Sure, I love the ability to look things up quickly, to order books on-line, and to watch the latest train-wreck as somebody opens their mouth once too often. Who doesn’t?

What I really enjoy, though, is staying connected. I often have chat open throughout the day so I can talk to my writing buddies or a family member or two who use it. I know more about some of my high-school friends now than I did while we were in high school, thanks to Facebook. Any time I want a blast of information and just knowing what people are up to, Google+ and Twitter are there for me. And the forums — well, I don’t quite live at Forward Motion, but I pop in several times a day to see what people are up to and to talk about writing.

Then there are blogs — mine, to share my thoughts, and others’, so I can hear about theirs. Let’s not forget e-mail, the most basic of Internet communication, perfect for sending a message when it’s convenient for you and hearing back when it’s convenient to the other party.

So many ways to exchange views, share news, and stay in touch. Even on the quietest day, I’m only as alone as I want to be. Which suits my introverted nature perfectly.

What are you grateful for on this spring Monday?

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  1. I am greatful for spell checkers and little squiggly red lines that point out my spelling errors. Even if I don’t pay attention to them.

  2. Introvert???? You???? Are you sure you are my sister?

  3. On the Myers-Brigg scale, I’m a balanced Extravert/Introvert. I love being up in front of people talking but hate interacting other than one to one. I find the same thing happens online for me. I hate chat rooms and find Twitter stressful but love blogging and supportive forums like FMWriters. I also enjoy FB because by keeping the friend list manageable I feel like I’m at a party of people I know well, rather than interacting with acquaintances.

    • Interesting. I’ve never liked talking in front of large groups, although I’ve faked it when necessary. If my blog ever gets popular, I’ll just have to stop checking the stats so I don’t know! *laugh*

      Thanks for sharing. That’s a nice insight.

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