Challenge accepted

One of the first things I had to do today was deal with our son’s glasses. The rim of the right frame broke at the point where it connects to the bridge. I took the glasses to two different eyeglass shops, and they both told me the glasses weren’t fixable. So I bought a $20 soldering iron and fixed them myself.

It’s not the strongest repair job, but it’ll last until we can get him an eye appointment and some new glasses. Which is more than the pros said they could do.

Also got my newsletter mailed out! (And added maybe 3 words to Troll Tunnels as I decided on a snippet to include.)

For Inktober, the prompt was “juicy.” This glass sculpture is actually a flower, but the translucent portion reminds me of a citrus juicer, so I decided that counts. At the Chazen Museum of Art. I did not note the artist’s name this time, which is bad of me, I know.

drawing of flower sculpture
glass flower sculpture

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  1. “Can’t be fixed.”
    *fixes with $20 and determination*

    I think you’re my hero.

  2. And now you have a soldering iron to play with :). Nice job. I have a lot of soldering wire because it’s cheaper than buying actual wire to play with, but I don’t think I have an iron.

    • Before this, I hadn’t used a soldering iron in 25 years, so I don’t know what I might use it for. Because I have it, though, I might find occasion.

      And it’s lead-free solder, which is cool.

    • And thank you! 🙂

  3. It sounds just like something you would do. I am not at all surprised.

    And you are 200% correct. It does look like a juicer, not a flower. Artistic license, you know.

    • Heh. No, I don’t suppose you would be surprised.

      My blog posts crosspost to Facebook, so I was rather expecting one of my brothers to comment they were surprised I didn’t already have a soldering iron!

      • They haven’t? Don’t know about the younger, but the older, or is that elder one, says he doesn’t check it that often any more. I’m trying for an answer on his gmail account. Says he does check that one.

        We’ll all be 50!

  4. I do not Facebook.

    More later.

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