Inktober 21 — dragon head

There’s a little bit of fish, a little bit of bird, a little bit of lizard …

I don’t know her name. (My daughter is certain the dragon’s a she.) The scar over her eye happened in an honor fight. I’ll probably eventually write her story — after I figure out some of the details.

I’d also really like to try another drawing of her with ink and brush, trying for smoother lines and perhaps not so much persnickety detail. Not right away, though.

Inktober 19 — Home means . . .

Not once did I help paint the N. It feels like something I should’ve done, at least once.

For those who don’t know, the post title is from the song “Home means Nevada.” Of course, home is where my family is, and for the last dozen years, that’s been Pennsylvania — but this place will always hold part of my heart.

Inktober 18 — Habitica avatar 

There’s a site I belong to called Habitica. It used to be HabitRPG, and it’s all about gamifying productivity.  Each person takes on a role commonly found in RPGs (healer, mage, warrior, rogue), and can participate in both an adventuring party and a guild. Helpful, and lots if fun costumes and pets.

So today, I sketched my avatar in her current outfit.