Catching up (again)

Some days, it’s hard to decide what to draw. My son suggested a tower for “guarded”; I added the octopus tentacles in the moat. Since I already did a clock for “cruel,” I did a water clock for that prompt. “Weak” became a mouse, and “angular” a detail from one of Escher’s works (the angles aren’t quite right on it, and I may try that again sometime). I couldn’t think of anything for today’s prompt of “swollen,” so I went with the Cooktown orchid witch instead.

I still don’t know if I like my style of drawing, although some of the pieces I’m fond of. I think if I practice more and refine my technique, I’ll probably like it more. That’s what happened with my writing, after all — I don’t beat myself up for not writing descriptions or exposition or characters the way other authors do; I’ve improved the way I use words in my own style (though of course I have more to learn. Doesn’t everybody?) — this insight courtesy of Sahil Lavingia.

Drawing of tower surrounded by moat with tentacles
Drawing of a water clock
Drawing of a mouse
Drawing of a geometric figure
Drawing of a woman with orchids in her hair

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  1. Okay, that’s funny. Not the insight, which is good, but the Escher excerpt was what I was seeing in my head when I did the totally failed star sketch without a reference :). It looks better when you do it :).

    • Thank you! I cheated — I used a reference picture instead of relying on what was in my head. 😉

      • Well, I had been planning to get a reference picture, but I’m drawing away from my electronics, so I didn’t actually do it. Which is to say, I don’t consider it cheating. I was just too lazy to do it.

        BTW, I love the way you do the fur on the mouse. Gives it a 3D effect :).

  2. That’s NOT cheating, Percy. It’s using a little ‘help’. I, too, like it.

    Love the mouse drawing. Never saw one that looked like that, though. They were just dumped at my feet as a thin object for approval.

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