Boston Technowitch series

Ghost Garages coverPepper Karalis, Boston’s only technowitch, doesn’t spend a lot of time hanging out with other witches.

Most of the time, she’s too busy working at a coffee shop and raising her twins to bother with magic, although it’s there when she wants it.

But then she runs across the ghost of a murdered woman in a neighborhood parking garage — the first of many. The ghosts are raising tempers everywhere, and Boston’s other witches are certain Pepper’s to blame, even though she’s doing everything she can to banish the ghosts.

Now she needs to find the real killer and clear her name before the other witches decide they have to stop her permanently…

Ghost Garages, the first book in the new Boston Technowitch series, is now on sale at Amazon!

Check out some quotes from the book!

Also available: Siren Circle (Book 2) and Troll Tunnels (Book 3)

Coming soon: Maenad March

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