Today, I had books due at the library. My daughter wanted to come along, so we headed downtown. I’d completely lost track of festivals; I didn’t realize Celticfest was this weekend. Fortunately, we got downtown before the big crunch, and we had plenty of time to browse the library.

Before we got outside, the pipers started warming up. Of course, when we got outside, I walked my girl over to watch one of the pipers who was warming up on his own. She was fascinated (although she did comment on how loud he was). When he finished, we started to head to our car — but the pipers for one of the high school bands were warming up over by the City Council building and the girl tugged me over to watch and listen. As she did, I couldn’t help but think how much my dad would have approved her enthusiasm.

Of course, Dad wouldn’t have understood the desire to leave, go home, and get things done instead of staying to watch the parade and hear more music.

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  1. Different roles have different priorities.

    Sounds like you guys had a fun morning together. 🙂

  2. Something about the wail of bagpipes (properly played) always sends shivers through me … must tap something primal.

  3. How very true! Glad she was able to see the pipers in person.

    • She’ll get to see more of them — in a couple of years, her brother will be in the high school band, and they always participate in Celticfest. 😉

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