Autumn foliage is very confused

Crape myrtles bloom much later here than elsewhere — ours are just coming into their own now. (Photos after cut)

Line of crape myrtles

Crape myrtles planted along our driveway. They were supposed to make a hedge with lilacs planted between them, but only one lilac survived (and it’s a mere twig).

crape myrtle

Our fullest crape myrtle in the “hedge.” In February, the snow reached the top of this bush (mostly because when we cleared the drive, the snow had to go somewhere).

crape myrtle

Not as full as the darker pink bush next to it, but taller this year.

light pink crape myrtle blossom close-up

crape myrtle

This is our oldest crape myrtle, pushing on to twice my height.

dark pink crape myrtle blossom close-up
And the first sunflower is starting to bloom.
sunflower bloom

On the other hand, the leaves on our dogwood are already changing colors. Before I know it, it will be “birds flying into window” season again as they eat all the berries from the tree.
dogwood foliage

dogwood close-up

dogwood trio

Our neighbor’s dogwoods are even more colorful.

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