August already!?

Wow, that happened fast.

It’s been cooler here than the middle of the country, for which I’m grateful, but it’s also been beastly humid with lots of thunderstorms.

stormy weather

This, of course, means that I am still grateful, as I am every summer, for the air conditioning. (On the other hand, overcast days also decrease radiant heat to the house, and I’m grateful for that, too.)

Other things:

  • My arm and wrist are doing better. I still sometimes need to ice, but I’m back at the computer, writing, so that’s good.
  • I’ve been playing Pokémon Go, along with millions of other people. Because of the aforementioned humidity, I haven’t been doing too many walks, which rather limits how much I get done. I have managed to get to level 10, however, and I am looking forward to it being slightly cooler in the mornings so maybe I can go out walking with my daughter to catch Pokémon and hit Pokestops.
  • Four weeks until the kids go back to school. This means I need to start focusing on what they’re going to need to take with them (somewhere, I’ve got a supply list for my daughter that the school sent with her last report card — oh, look, there it is on the corner of the desk under the report cards that I forgot to file!), as well as what clothes they may have outgrown and need replaced. This will definitely mean new shoes for both of them. I’m looking forward to them going back (the first week or two is always very productive for my writing), but I’m also thinking about things to do with them while they’re still home.
  • Today, I managed to get my old inkjet printer, which hasn’t been supported for a couple OS iterations, working with my computer. Sadly, the black ink doesn’t appear to be working, and a new ink cartridge wasn’t the answer, so that probably means a clogged printer head. There are various solutions and techniques online to clean it, but for now, I’ll just print with colored ink. That should be sufficient for the craft project I have in mind, anyway (iron-on transfer to a T-shirt for embroidery). So this also makes me happy.

What are you grateful for today as we launch the eighth month?

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  1. Kids went back to school here, yesterday. Hope the weather dries out a little, very hot and humid here as well. Yea for the wrists. Nothing is so aggravating than not to be able to use your hands.

    • Thanks, Connie.

      It’s interesting seeing the different school schedules!

      Summer thunderstorms? Arizona seems an odd place for humidity.

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