April, no foolin’

The magnolias are blooming right now. There are some huge ones — towering over the houses they’re planted next to. I wish my mom could come visit to see, as they’re so much bigger than the one we had in Golden Valley. I took some pictures of the ones near the downtown library last week. Aren’t they lovely?

magnolia blooms unfurling

multiple magnolias

magnolia buds

magnolia silhouette

In other items for which I’m grateful, this weekend, I finally got to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It was playing at Becky’s Drive-In, along with Zootopia.

Obvious things I’m grateful for here:

  • Local drive-in! (One of two in the valley, actually)
  • Two good movies that I’ve wanted to see
  • Managed to not run into any spoilers for The Force Awakens before seeing it

Less obvious, but still very grateful:

  • Hanging out with friends for the movies
  • Cuddling with the girl while she fell asleep during the Star Wars movie
  • It didn’t snow during the movie (or after, although there was a better-than-even chance in the forecast)

Also, there’s a new site (Peer Reviewed, started by Nathan Lowell) for indie books that you should check out if you’re interested in finding new things to read. I’m very flattered that Nathan decided to kick it off with a review of Bodyguard of Lies.

What are you grateful for today?

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  1. Those flowers are gorgeous.

    I am grateful for a whole list of things, but one thing I didn’t note yet was that I’m grateful for the general good humor of my kids these days. They bicker, but mostly get along. They argue with us but generally listen. They’re relatively well behaved, and usually honest, and those are all really fabulous things to have in kids.

    • Thanks. I’m always amazed at how good a picture I can get with my iPad!

      Oh, that’s a wonderful thing, or set of things, to be grateful for. Awesome kids are awesome.

  2. I miss drive-in movies! 🙂 … I managed to avoid all (99.5% of it anyway) the Star Wars hype too … it was worth it.

    • People are always surprised to hear we still have two drive-ins locally.

      And yes, seeing the movie without knowing what was coming was awesome.

  3. Congrats on the review and lovely pictures :).

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