And another thing

I was trying to figure out what to talk about today, what moved my ungrateful little heart when I’m sick once again. But I have so much to be grateful for!

  • Medicine to ease my symptoms 
  • Insurance and flexible time so I can go to the doctor 
  • Hot tea to soothe my throat 
  • Other writers to hang out with online 
  • The Internet itself
  • Good books to read
  • Kids who love reading as much as I do 
  • Good books for them to read
  • A dog who loves to cuddle
  • Awesome wildlife (See pictures below, taken yesterday)

What are you grateful for today?


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  1. That’s a good list, and it matches mine pretty well. Though I have a twist on the kids who love to read in that I get books I want to read but know I won’t get to forever but because I give them to hubby and son to read first, no guilt :).

  2. Sorry you’re ill once more. Heal fast.

  3. Ashe Elton Parker

    *hugs* on the illness, but yay for so much to be grateful for. I hope you get well soon!

    • Thanks, Ashe! I got the medicine I need from the doctor this morning, so I should be on the road to recovery soon.

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