And a pink bear!

The boy really likes Minecraft, as I’ve mentioned before, and he’s rather fond of Minecraft parodies of popular songs. He recently wrote one, and his dad saw it lying on the table. I told him that it was based on Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive.”

Well, neither of us had actually listened to the original, although I’d read the lyrics, so my husband pulled it up on YouTube. Then we watched the video in astonishment before sharing it with the kids. Here, to boggle your minds:

The boy was rather creeped out by the Muppet pit-fighting. The girl, on the other hand, was first horrified and then overjoyed by the pink bear. Now she wants to find one to make friends with.

Pleasant dreams, all.

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  1. Oh, my. That certainly woke me up.

  2. Wow. LOL I think it’s cool. It also reminds me of a horror movie about dolls who come to life I once saw. This was much . . . cuter though.

    • Why is it that so many of the stories about dolls and stuffed animals that come to life are creepy?

      Glad you found it cool!

  3. That’s a very weird video, but on the other hand, it has all the right markers about the horrible evil person abusing others who is taken down by the unexpected hero. I can’t quite piece through the story, i.e. why the humans were penned up and all, but the themes were grand and not horror at all :).

    • I didn’t get why they were penned up, either.

      You can tell generations around here — my husband was, “Isn’t that Lou Diamond Phillips?” while my son said, “I think that’s Annabeth from Percy Jackson.” (Both were correct.)

  4. Oh my. Story ideas abound. Love.

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