All wet

No, the weather is dry and lovely. The plumbing backing up into the garage — that was wet. Thank goodness for reliable plumbers, but what with making sure the girl had her picture day form and her homework and her trumpet, and talking with the plumbers and turning on and off water around the house, I think it was 11 before I ate breakfast. Didn’t really have lunch, either. And I think I forgot to take my morning dose of allergy medicine, which is a mistake in ragweed season.

However, it was still a good day. The plumbers dealt with the problem. Damaged things that had to be thrown out were minimal. I wrote. I drew. The sun shone. A good day.

Today’s words: 300

Today’s picture is also from the Henry Vilas Zoo. The prompt was “underwater.” See? The day started and ended with water — all wet.



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  1. I’m glad the damage to property wasn’t too bad, although ultimately I wish you hadn’t had to deal with flooding at all.

  2. You captures the seal’s face wonderfully. 🙂

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