A not-so-shy sky

So I was really happy to find the perfect photo from our trip this summer for the Inktober prompt of “sky.” We were traveling west across Nebraska, the clouds were all kinds of threatening, and there were tornado warnings both north and east of us. Didn’t know if I could do justice to it, but I was going to try.

I did my picture — then discovered that today’s prompt was actually “shy.” Guess I’ll have to do another one tomorrow.

Picture was done with the Pentel brush pen, India ink, and brush that came in the Artsnacks box set for Inktober. The brush and ink were key to filling in that stretch of road.

What else did I do today? I planned to scrub down the kitchen, help the girl organize her magazines and comics, and paint. Instead, I slept in, bought groceries, and hung out watching my husband play Mass Effect: Andromeda. Plan to write a few sentences before I switch over to reading for half an hour or so before sleep.

ink drawing of cloudy sky over flat landscape
cloudy skies over flat land

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  1. A shy sky, perhaps. 🙂

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