A car that drives

I’m a couple of days late with my gratitude post this week. On Sunday, while driving home from shopping with my son, the car gave a couple of thunks and then wouldn’t drive. I did eventually get it to move, but it was very sluggish from a stop (had to floor it). Shifting from drive to low had no effect; the car still didn’t want to move. Had to have it towed to the dealer for service on Monday and didn’t hear back on what was wrong until last night.

I was afraid it was the transmission.

It was not; it was a bad cam shaft position sensor, which meant the engine didn’t know how fast it was going. Instead of thousands of dollars, the price tag was only hundreds. When road testing the car, the service department found a few other problems that I’d been sort of aware of, and I okayed fixes for a couple of them now.

When I drove the car home, it handled like a dream. Braking was smoother than it’s been in months, and the car accelerated smoothly.

A working car and a not-unmanageable bill are on the top of what I’m grateful for this week. How about you — what are you grateful for?

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  1. I’m so glad it worked out!

    • Thanks. Yes, lots of fretting was involved, and I am so not good at writing when my thoughts are spinning in circles like that. Hopefully, that means today I’ll make some progress.

  2. Being without a car is bad. Being unable to drive isn’t good, either. At least you get a shuttle to pick it up! Happy you have your wheels again.

    • Thanks. The shuttle driver reminded me of Dad, especially when he told me that he’s a people person and really good at striking up conversations with people to make the drive go faster. 🙂 Wonder if Dad would’ve considered such work? (Though I know what we would’ve had to say about his driving and the advisability of that. 😉 )

  3. A car that goes “thunk” is not good. I’m happy it was much less than you thought!

    I’m grateful that my cat only used up 7 of her 9 lives when she took a five-foot fall onto her ribs on a wood floor, still swinging from a tied play toy that snapped its tether. O.o

  4. Grateful that my eyesight in my right eye is gradually returning to normal. Right now I can spend 10 minutes at the computer and 30 away from it. The same goes with anything that I need to focus on.

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