52 weeks of finishing

My two goals for the year, you will recall, were to finish something each week, and to get something up for sale each month. Here’s how that went.

    Things finished:

  1. January sun senryu, written and posted on Facebook
  2. “The Call” (flash story), written and submitted
  3. Redemption of Earth, aka Daniel’s story
  4. (flash story), written
  5. proofreading job (freelance work)
  6. “The Children of the Ordlen,” written and submitted
  7. proofreading job (freelance work)
  8. haiku on not being able to think
  9. flash about body on the floor written
  10. March wind haiku
  11. book review for Vision (Scalzi on Writing)
  12. Web review for Vision (Fantasy-Faction.com)
  13. index update for returning client
  14. another haiku
  15. proofreading job (freelance work)
  16. tanka from word prompts Bonnie passed on
  17. short story (“Loaves and Fishes”) written to accompany Christmas Tree Farm Murders
  18. Does painting the kitchen count?
  19. proofreading job (freelance work)
  20. proofreading job (freelance work)
  21. indexing job (freelance work)
  22. proofreading job (freelance work)
  23. proofreading job (freelance work)
  24. indexing job (freelance work)
  25. proofreading job (freelance work)
  26. proofreading job (freelance work)
  27. proofreading job (freelance work)
  28. proofreading job (freelance work)
  29. proofreading job (freelance work)
  30. wrote “Ice Cream and Butterflies” flash
  31. proofreading job (freelance work)
  32. indexing job (freelance work)
  33. wrote drabble “Last Words”
  34. first pass copyediting finished (freelance work)
  35. guest blog post on NaNoWriMo
  36. 46-word short for Oxford Dictionary contest
  37. wrote flash “Into the Dark”
  38. finished the final pass on copyediting (freelance work)
  39. wrote the first episode of NaNo
  40. finished Jekylls
  41. proofreading job (freelance work)
  42. wrote round-robin chapter
  43. wrote “Moonbreak” (flash piece)
  44. proofreading job (freelance work)
  45. proofreading job (freelance work)
  46. proofreading job (freelance work)
    Up for sale:

  • January — “Rise of Kencha,” uploaded 1/27
  • February — “Winter White,” uploaded 2/27
  • March — Farwalker, uploaded 3/27
  • April — Christmas Tree Farm Murders, uploaded 4/25
  • May — Nothing
  • June — Nothing
  • July — Redemption of Earth, uploaded 7/31
  • August — “Ophid Dei,” uploaded 8/31
  • September — Nothing
  • October — Nothing
  • November — Jekylls, uploaded 11/26
  • December — Dream Afar, novella trio, uploaded 12/7

For the people who like actual stats, that’s 45/52 things finished (including short stories, novelettes, novellas, novels, articles, and business projects) and 8/12 things up for sale. Of the 45 items completed, 23 (just over half) were freelance work, 8 were flash pieces, 2 were short stories, 1 was a novel, and 1 a novella.

Not a bad year, by any measure, but this coming year, I’ll be pushing to complete something written each week, whether or not I’m also doing freelance work. I’m planning on taking a week off every three months, which means I’m aiming for 48 written works in 2013.

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  1. Sounds like a good year — and a good plan for 2013.

  2. Wow, that was a great year despite some rough spots. Good for you for sticking with it. Good luck with the next year!

    • Thanks, Bonnie! When compiling the weekly list, I took out all the lines where I said I’d done nothing — just wanted to count what I did. We’ll see how 2013 goes! πŸ™‚ I made a “in the best of all possible worlds, I would get this done” list as something to work toward; it’s crazy, even for me.

  3. I’m planning on upping the ante on my output too.
    Happy New Year!

  4. That’s a great completion rate! You forgot to add your chimney-soot-cleaning-frenzy to the list. πŸ˜‰

    I’m aiming for 500K words written for 2013!

    • Thanks, Laura. Originally (a year ago), I’d planned a second post wherein each week I would list something decluttered or cleaned, and for the monthly goal, some craft project completed. That fell apart back in May, or the soot would definitely have made the list!

      Best of luck with your half a million words! Happy New Year!

  5. Good luck with this year’s list! And woohoo to last year’s accomplishments!

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