Where I hear about books

I talk about books everywhere — here on my blog, in my newsletter, on writers’ forums, on Facebook, on GoodReads — and I see them mentioned in a lot of places as well. I see covers posted by friends on Facebook, I see what’s coming soon via NetGalley e-mails, and I see reviews on GoodReads.

Where I hear the most chatter, however, is often Twitter. I follow a lot of writers, so I hear about what they’re working on and what they’ve got coming out, of course, but I also see a lot of “I just finished X’s latest book, and I’m still crying” or “I couldn’t put this down” or “Although I liked this, it had some problems,” as well as links to more in-depth reviews.

It’s not a readers’ community in the sense of people gathered just to talk about what they’re reading, but it’s a good snapshot of what’s out there at any given time.

Have you ever used Twitter or other social media to find a good book to read or to share it with others? How’d that go for you?

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  1. My tendency to want to read ALL the tweets overwhelms me and I end up dropping Twitter. Facebook does good for me, but really it tends to be movies based on books and verbal recommendations from friends where I find my books. (At least the ones I’m reading now.)

    • I love recommendations!

      Twitter can be *very* overwhelming. I dip in and out, sometimes going weeks between visits. Maybe sometime I’ll try TweetDeck again, with lists, to try to keep it corralled. 🙂

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