What do you want to know?

It occurred to me once again today that I’m much better at responding to requests for information than in coming up with topics wholesale. Recently, people have asked in other venues for recommendations on urban fantasy, on empires in science fiction and fantasy, and on mystery/fantasy hybrids — and in each case, I not only gave recommendations off the top of my head, but also more occurred to me later.

I’m the same way with links. Lots of people provide lists of links on their blogs, possibly along with a description of why a reader might find it interesting. I find it easier to send links individually to friends and family, based on what I know their specific interests are. (I do post links to my Facebook and Twitter feeds. Sometimes they get a response; often they do not.)

So I’m instituting reader requests. What would you like to see or know more about? Research I’m doing for stories? Music I’m listening to (lately, the Giuseppe Verdi Essentials station on iTunes Radio)? What I’m actively working on? What I’m reading? The fine points of catfish olfaction?

Tell me what you’d like me to answer, and I’ll see about getting responses written up.

(I’m also thinking about getting back to describing the subgenres, and maybe even doing some more Q&A posts.)

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  1. I want to know about:
    Quilting – your projects and best options for getting started
    Knitting/Crochet – examples of what you’ve done (because I’ve heard snippets of stories) along with favorite new finds
    Changing a tire without looking helpless
    Inspirational music for your favorite genres
    Best book you’ve read this month, whatever it was


    • Great list of topics.

      To start with, I’m going to point you to my Sara Penhallow blog, which is where I tend to talk about crafty things (not as often as I should, it’s true — the most recent one was on learning brioche knitting). But I’ll try to remember to post a pointer here when I do say something there. 🙂

      I will answer the other ones in upcoming posts! Thank you for the great suggestions.

  2. 1. Your favorite kind of sandwich
    2. One of your music preferences that’s a guilty pleasure
    3. How you stay motivated to send stuff out into the wide world of publishing
    4. Catfish WHAT?

    • A fun list!

      Catfish olfaction — how they smell, how they use their noses. It’s what I studied in graduate school. I can dissect out fish noses and eyes, but oddly, most people don’t want me doing that with their food (if they happen to have whole fish).

      Adding the others to my list of upcoming posts. Thanks so much!

  3. Your fantasy dreamself. Who you are and where you go when you’re not running your everyday life. 🙂

    • Ooh, that’s going to require some thought. Lately, it’s been feeling like I just do one thing after another, and the dreams tend to be along the lines of a bolt from the blue dropping a million dollars into our lap. 😉

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